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Keep your vehicle reliable

Your transmission is vital to the function of your vehicle.

This system takes the energy produced by the engine and translates it into the force that propels your wheels, making the car move. Let us handle keeping this system reliable.

Take care of your transmission for the life of your car

Transmission failure is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a vehicle.

Whether you have just purchased your car or truck or have had it for years, following your factory scheduled maintenance schedule is important and Euro Auto of Bethlehem, CT will help you preserve the performance of your vehicle that will avoid the costly repairs or replacement.

Which fluid is right?

Like most fluids used in your vehicle, there isn't one type of transmission fluid available. We will help you identify the right type for your vehicle to ensure quality performance.

What does that little light mean?

Today's vehicles are complex systems that feature computerized controls more difficult to understand than the mechanical controls of earlier vehicles. Indicator lights are used to identify when problems may be present. Our computer diagnostics find the source of the problem so it can be addressed promptly.

Reliable services

    • Removal of old fluids
    • Replacement with new fluids
    • System flush
    • Use of proper fluid for your vehicle
    • Transmission replacement

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