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Find the source of the problem

Modern vehicles are extremely complex and feature a series of systems that control the performance and reliability.

Our computer diagnostics can evaluate data from these systems to understand your vehicle and offer solutions to issues.

What is that light telling you?

On-board computers are used to monitor the functions and performance of the various systems within your vehicle.

If there is a problem with one of the components of a system, the computer will alert you to it by turning on an indicator light. We can find out what is wrong so it can get fixed quickly and effectively.

Should you panic?

Don't panic if you see an indicator light turn on. The source of the light is not always serious.

We will find out for you and offer recommendations for repairs to resolve the problems and maintenance to keep them away.

Trust technology to manage technology

The computer systems within your vehicle are complex, but we are prepared with the latest in software and technology to evaluate the information retrieved from these systems and use it to devise repair and maintenance approaches to restore and preserve the proper functioning and dependability of your vehicle.

Understand your car

    • Check engine light inspections
    • Computer diagnostics
    • Computer codes
    • Retrieve data
    • Verification testing
    • Pinpoint testing

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